Link for Aid donors buy 15 bicycles for children in Samrong Village

PAMELA 1 copia

Link for Aid has received constant support from a group of generous donors in Milan, friends of one of Link for Aid’s founding members Francesca Moscheni. Once again this year they donated bicycles to 15 children (some for outstanding merit at school and others from some of the poorest families in the village) from Samrong […]

Cambodian student Ponthon Pon enters last year at Thai university

Link for Aid starting supporting Ponthon Pot’s university studies three years ago. Pon, who is from Samrong Village, Angkor Thom in Cambodia, and a former Angkor Kids Centre volunteer teacher, chose the Faculty of Agriculture in Ubon Ratchatani in Thailand. He has now started his 4th and last year with a 3-month training course in […]