Cambodian student Ponthon Pon enters last year at Thai university


Link for Aid starting supporting Ponthon Pot’s university studies three years ago. Pon, who is from Samrong Village, Angkor Thom in Cambodia, and a former Angkor Kids Centre volunteer teacher, chose the Faculty of Agriculture in Ubon Ratchatani in Thailand.

He has now started his 4th and last year with a 3-month training course in Chiang Rai. Thanks to the generous help of our donors, Link for Aid is covering the cost of the course and living expenses for Pon in Chiang Mai.

#Pon is an excellent student and totally committed to his studies, to nature and to helping his community when he completes his degree. This is a photo of Pon in the field in Chiang Mai and this is the note we received from him the other day when we confirmed we would be able to support his special training course, and the rest of his university studies.

“I’m really excited to hear best news from You Pamela . I really happy and would like to say thanks from my real heart. Thanks that you are always believe me. Sure! I will not make you and community lost hope for me. Thanks again Best regards. Pon”

Good luck with your Training Course and your last year in Thailand Pon, and see you soon back in Cambodia!

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