Why Link for Aid?


“We believe in children. And when you say you believe, you have to act”  Andre Agassi. 


Link for Aid – because we are a vital link that brings aid to children in need in two of the poorest countries in the world: Myanmar and Cambodia.  We are a  small but streamlined non-profit organization. We do not have offices or overheads, we work through our volunteer founding and honorary members, each of whom provides invaluable input for our projects.

The funds we raise go DIRECTLY to where they are most needed,  providing access to education for deaf and dumb, orphaned and underprivileged children.  What we give them allows them to attend school, acquire vital professional skills and learn English – which is a sinequanon for their futures and the futures of their communities.

Our six founding members are volunteers and receive no recompense.

 The association  produces an annual budget, as well as a report on what it has achieved during the  year and details of the  projects in progress.


Founding members

Pamela McCourt Francescone ,  Journalist and world traveller

Francesca Moscheni,    Photographer

Barbara Cielo,   Businesswoman

Paola Pescetelli,     Communications executive

Elisabetta Croce,    Businesswoman

Maurizio Mandl,    Customer Relations Manager, Asian Trails, Yangon


Honorary members

Armando Muccifora,   Sales Manager  Thai International Airways Italy

Andrea M ele, President and Managing Director, Viaggi del Mappamondo, Rome

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