Why Myanmar needs your help

Why Myanmar needs your help

According to Refugees International, Myanmar  is one of the 55 poorest countries in the world and receives less humanitarian aid than the other 54 countries in this classification.
The average aid for these countries is $42 pro capite every year.  For Myanmar the average is $4.08 pro capite  – $3 million  for a country of 56 million people.

(Source: www.rifunite.com)
In December 2010 the OECD placed Myanmar 129th  among the world’s 177 poorest countries and among the 45 countries considered “fragile” which  is to say with a population which lives in conditions of extreme poverty.

In Myanmar food is cheap……..But many people don’t have enough money to buy it!  

$1.50  is sufficient to provide 3 meals a day for one of the old people in the Kandawgala hospice

A 50-kilo sack of rice, which is enough for one child for one year, costs  $30.